Shrii, Dink’ee Haa K’eeraahtii

Told by: 
John Tritt

Ch’eekaii oozhee gwa’an, ch’eekaii neetł’at aii chan,

aii k’aa k’eegeehee’oo kwaa goo’aii, izhit t’ee jyaadigii’in.

Ts’ą’ diikhwan, shii zhyaa zhit,

nich’it aii yagha’ vadzaih taa haazhii ji’,

it’ee bad luck tr’iheelyaa.

Izhik gwits’i’ reh.

Ants’ą’ t’ee ch’eekaii ts’i’,

“Ch’eekaii shrǫ’,” ginyaa.

Yaagha’ nich’it naii. . .

“Diidivee gwiizuu gwiheelyaa,” ginyaa, izhik gwits’i’ reh.

Ants’ą’ chan diidink’ee chan iizuu heelyaa.

Izhik tthak gwits’i’, izhik gwits’i’ t’iginyaa.

KF: Akwat naraazhrii googwadal kwaii, nagwadal kwaii yu’?

JT:  Aii chan, łyaa k’eerahahtyaa gwizhrih.

Aii diizhrii chan thok tr’ahahdlyaa.

Aii chan giiyaanigwee’aa kwaa goo’aii.

Thok diigwadal tr’ahahdlyaa goo’aii,

ts’ą’ diizhrii chan geech’agahahtryaa kwaa goo’aii.

Yeedee vishriidhaa zhit heechyaa ts’ą’ thok heechyaa.

Aii ji’ duuyee giiyaanigwii’aii goo’aii.

Aii khit, aii dink’ee chan gwik’it.

Aii chan gweedhaa tthak. . .khaii dai’. . .yagha’ chiitaii hee,

chiitaii hee tr’iłtin gwiink’oo dai’ dink’ee dhaa zhit.

Duuyee nideeneerichii goo’aii.

Gaa chan gwiink’oo dai’ geetak nihdeerichik ts’ą’ neerahkhwan

ts’ą’ t’ee gwiinzii vich’arahjii.

Datthak vich’arahjii ts’ą’ jidii dry tr’ahtsik.

Oozhee barrel zhit gaa.

Aiitł’ee gwiinzii dry tr’ahtsik aiitł’ee chan chiitaii chineerichik.

Izhik tr’iłtin ts’ą’ gwitł’ee vit’eegwahaahch’yaa ji’ eenjit, naraazhrii ji’,

jyaadigwinch’yaa ts’ą’ gwarandaii.

Jyahts’ą’ t’ee diidivee gwinzii.

Diizhrii łizhyaa k’eerahahtyaa goo’aii.

Izhik geh’an diigwadal heezyaa.

Jyahts’ą’ gwizhrih.

Knife & Gun Care
Translated by: 
Kenneth Frank and Craig Mishler
Transcribed by Allan Hayton

That animal blood down there, also the blood that spills,

they’re not supposed to walk over it, that’s what they do.

And us, just me,

if young women step over the caribou,

we’re going to be cursed with bad luck.

That’s the reason why.

So they watch out for animal blood,

“Be careful for blood,” so they say.

Those young women. . .

“You’re going to be cursed,” so they say, so that’s the reason.

Also our guns will be cursed.

For all of those reasons, that’s why they say that.

KF:  The hunting tools, what about your tools?

JT:   Those too, we really have to take care of them.

We keep our knife in a safe place.

This one too they can’t bother.

We have to keep our [hunting] tools in a safe place,

and also they cannot wash our knife.

It’s left inside its knife case and in a safe place.

So that way no one will bother it.

Always with the gun too.

Always too outside when it’s the winter time,

when it’s cold we leave it out there inside its gun case.

We cannot bring it inside.

But also when it’s cold, sometimes we bring it inside and thaw it out

and we wipe it down well.

We wipe it down and we make it dry.

After it’s dried out well then we take it back outside again.

Even inside the barrel.

Leave it there and later on if we’re going to use it, if we’re hunting,

this is our way of life.

This is the only way we can continue to live well.

We really have to look after our knife.

Because of that our tools will be good.

So this is the only way.

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